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PTE Academic

Preparation Course

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Interactive Live Sessions

PTE is all about applying the right techniques. Learn the correct, proven and most effective technique for each question and apply it on spot with our experienced, 90 achiever coaches.


Dynamic Whatsapp Groups

For continuous communication and better interaction with the coaches, a Whatsapp group will be created only for you and other candidates in your group.


Constructive evaluations

To make sure you are moving on the right track, you'll get a consistent and constructive feedback and evaluations from our coaches.

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Customized Study Plans

We'll design a tailored study plan that fulfills your needs, strengthening your weak points and improving your strength points to make sure that your time is correctly utilized.

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Most Repeated and Reliable Material

You'll be provided with the most repeated and real exam material and resources to study from.

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Mock Test Analysis

You will take a Mock Test at the end of the course, and we'll analyze its score to make sure that you are completely ready to take the real exam and achieve your desired score.


100% Effective Templates

We'll provide you with the tested and 100% effective templates to make your life easier and give you more time to focus on other questions which require more effort.


On-Demand Consultations

Reach out our coaches on phone whenever you need to get advice, revise what you've learnt in the live sessions or if you have any question.

Course Content
Our PTE Academic Wall of Fame
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